Why an experience with baby farm animals is the best gift you can give your child

Why an experience with baby farm animals is the best gift you can give your child

There’s just something about baby farm animals – goats,  bunnies, guinea pigs, chickens, sheep & pigs– that gets everyone excited. That feeling of touching an animal’s fur or coat for the first time can only be described as magical. Ask anyone who grew up on a farm, and they’ll tell you it was the best time of their life. Now, imagine re-creating that magical feeling for your child at their birthday party. By introducing this to you child at a young age, you’ll be nurturing a beautiful relationship with nature. So how can you give them the full farm experience in the suburbs?

  • We Bring The Farm To You

If you thought your only option was physically taking your child to a farm, we have news for you! The Farmyard Family is a mobile operation that transports baby farm animals to wherever you’re hosting your child’s party. We create our own enclosure at your venue so that it’s an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere. Our packages include animal feed and brushes so that your children don’t just look at the animals and have quality, one on one interaction with them. We supervise and assist the entire process to make sure it goes smoothly. This allows everyone to get up-close-and-personal with their favourite baby animal, so it’s sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.

Our animals are our pets and live together, they get on very well and we’re sure your child and friends will fall in love with them.  All our animals are clean and well-looked after and the children get to carry them in little pouches so there’s less mess. We can match the number and type of animals to your preferences and number of guests so there is enough time for taking pictures to capture these memories.

Oh yes! We’re there too, in our uniforms and chatting to the children, answering all their questions on the animals. This makes the experience educational too!

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