Hatching Program

Farmyard Family Partnership with Australian Eggs.

Farmyard Family is super ‘eggcited’ to announce a formal partnership with Australian Eggs, hereby being able to offer Western Australian School’s the opportunity to access free Australian linked teacher curriculum in conjunction with our hatching program. This program is both unique to Western Australia and Farmyard Family, and we are honored to have been selected by Australian Eggs to be there WA partner.

All About Eggs has been supporting Australian primary school teachers and their students in the classroom since 2010. Their educational resources are written by teachers for teachers.


Each teacher resource pack will include:

All about Eggs

Farmyard Family’s all-inclusive Hatching program offers a 2 or 3 week fully interactive program whereby you can watch you eggs hatch in the comfort of your own environment. We supply all you need for stress free / successful hatching program:

  • Easy to use clear view incubator
  • Large brooder box with bedding
  • Heat lamp
  • Food and Water containers
Egg Hatching Equipment

We offer a complete egg hatching program with all necessary equipment included.


On completion of the hatching program you have the option to either keep all / some or return the hatchlings. We can also supply an information sheet on how to properly care for new chicks in a free-range environment upon request.

We request bookings are made with a minimum of 2-3 weeks’ notice as this will ensure enough time to secure fertile eggs for the hatching program.

Australian Eggs curriculum linked resources

Australian Eggs curriculum linked resources