Penny The Australian Miniature Pig’s New Babies Are Looking For Good Homes In Perth!

Penny The Australian Miniature Pig’s New Babies Are Looking For Good Homes In Perth!

Our Farmyard Family is still abuzz with the exciting news that Penny, our Australian Miniature Pig is going to have a new litter of babies! A treasured member of our mobile farmyard, Penny is famous for having the most beautiful miniature pigs in Perth.  Because we are very strict about keeping our farmyard population at a manageable level, once her little ones are old enough, they’ll need new homes. That means that if you want to buy a miniature pig in Perth, you may be in luck.

We take excellent care of our animals and would never remove piglets from their mother before the right time, which will give us plenty of time to inspect the homes of prospective owners.

Facts about Australian Miniature Pigs

  • For a pig to be classified as an Australian Miniature Pig, it must stand no higher than 60cm, and weigh less than 70kg. Mama Penny is 52cm tall, and her hubby Boris is 50cm.
  • This breed is Australia’s smallest pig breed, so they’re very special.
  • Teacup and Kune Kune pigs are not available in this country.
  • Good natured, when these miniature pigs are raised in a loving home, they behave similarly to dogs.

Watch this space to find out more about Penny’s babies and the adoption process or give us a call to find out more.

More About The Farmyard Family

The Farmyard Family is a mobile petting zoo that brings the joy of the farmyard to you in Perth and all the suburbs around the city. Many kids growing up in urban areas never get to experience the kind of fun that those living on a farm enjoy, and we don’t believe that’s a good thing, which is why we bring the farm to them!

Our animals are exceptionally well cared for and much loved by our team and as such, are happy to interact with people of all ages. Our knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to monitor each encounter, to ensure that everyone has  good fun, and that the children and animals are safe at all times.

Our animals love having their photos taken with the children and as a result, the memories of the day the farm came to town can be enjoyed forever!

A visit from the mobile Farmyard Family is both fun and informative and makes for an unforgettable event.  We’ve got lambs, goats, miniature pigs and a host of other animals, so book the Farmyard Family for birthday parties, school events, fairs and more.

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