About Us

Welcome To Farmyard Family!

A new mobile animal farm / petting zoo servicing Perth and surrounding suburbs.

The Farmyard Family idea was ‘hatched’ by seeing the joy and excitement our children and friends had from playing and interacting with our own farmyard animals. We are very excited now to be able to share this experience with you.

Our mobile animal farm is suitable for all occasions and all ages, offering a hands on animal experience which can be set up, both indoors and outdoors, with minimal mess or fuss.

The number of animals we supply will depend on the number of people your expecting, as we make sure there is enough animals for everyone to interact with, animal welfare is also taken into consideration when setting up, so that animals are not over crowded or over handled, and rest areas are also provided for the animals when a large group of people are to be catered for.

On our Mobile Animal Farm, We can set up an enclosure ranging from 1 by 1 to 10 by 10 meters, (depending on the space available to us, and the numbers your expecting) and our set up can be both indoors, or outdoors, with minimal mess or fuss.

Our pen size, the number and types of animals can be adjusted on the day to better suit your needs of course, as no two farm visits are ever the same. If there is a particular animal that you absolutely would like to attend, be sure to include your request on the online booking form, when booking.

We don’t bring hay as we find it blows around in the wind, and leaves a big mess behind, we would much rather use the space in our vehicle for animals rather than hay bales, however you’re welcome to organise your own bales if you wish, or advise us at time of booking and arrangements can be made.

We guarantee your booking will not be cancelled after payment for a more lucrative one, as we view this as a common, but unacceptable practice.

Our MOBILE ANIMAL FARMS are filled with beautiful, unusual, friendly, healthy and CLEAN animals,

We love what we do, our animals are our pets and are very friendly and all get along well with each other. They have names, and are allowed to be held safely in ‘pouches’ whilst being fed and brushed gently.

We encourage everyone to hand feed them, respect them and treat them with care, whilst enjoying interacting with them and posing for photos.

Our service at the mobile farm is genuine, respectful, friendly and helpful from the time of booking until completion. We value your feedback and are open to any improvement ideas.